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I'm bloated and my feet hurt
But not for the reason I hoped
Patting my stomach on a long train journey
But not for the reason I hoped
Getting irritated at the Chronic cougher next to me
But not for the reason I hoped
Feeling tired and close to sleeping
But not for the reason I hoped
Had a few dizzy spells to the point where I'm leaning against walls
But not for the reason I hoped
Feeling sick and sometimes throwing up
But not for the reason I hope
Checking out baby stuff despite being 24
But not for the reason I hoped
Breasts are itchy though it hurts to touch them
But not for the reason I hoped
Trying to avoid smoking
But not for the reason I hoped
Smiling at the baby next to me on the last train
But not for the reason I hoped
My memory, coordination and nerve are heavily compromised
But not for the reason I hoped
Feeling irritable and moody
But not for the reason I hoped
My back hurts a little
But not for the reason I hoped
Wanting to burst into tears despite being in a public place
But not for the reason I hoped
Staring at a long thin stick
But one line destroys what little hope I had
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Claude and Alois entered the master bedroom after twenty straight minutes of making out. Alois was playfully pouting while Claude was struggling to handle his long demon boner.
"Are you ready for this my lord?" Claude asked softly though slightly panting from how aroused he was.
"Take me my demon! I want your cock in me!" Alois replied licking his lips as Claude got even more ready to insert his demonhood.
Alois' ass wasn't as tight as he made out to appear though the first few thrusts had him wincing.
"Should I stop my lord?" Claude asks
"No keep going I want you!"
Claude obeys and fucks his master right up the ass. Where else could he put this cock, he'd already put it in Alois' mouth which wasn't too challenging. Alois had sex back in his youth when he was sold as a sex slave. But he preferred to forget that especially as his butler was fucking him right this moment.
Alois was truly content for once.
The next morning Alois was feeling tired and had slept in an hour. But that was to be expected after that night. But he was happy, a sight that hadn't been seen in quite some time.
Claude walked in holding a breakfast tray. Alois had just woken up and notices Claude ever so slightly smiling.
"Hey I didn't know you could even feel happy" Alois said playfully "it's not something I'm used to but it feels... Good"
"I'm so glad and you make me feel good too" Alois says, his cheeks blushing. Claude watches Alois tuck in to his food while he hides a sudden boner. Alois notices and laughs. "Now I feel bad eating this banana" he teases "we'll having a banana is good for you" he says, Alois instantly giggles. "You have a crude mind my lord" Claude replied "you started it" Alois says pulling out his tongue.
Hannah noticed this sudden closeness between Claude and Alois. She mostly just got on with her work. The triplets were even whispering to each other about it. There was no hiding it, Claude had fallen for the young earl.
Shake your booty (shorts)
Claude and Alois start to bond after their crazy night
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Claude was acting most unusual these last few days. The usually stoic butler seemed to have a lot on his mind, like the other day when he saw his master bend down to sniff the new roses that had been planted Claude seemed to be blushing. He wouldn't normally have any interest in anyone especially a human or maybe that was just a cover up. Though Demons tended not to feel emotion, he definitely felt something at the very least he felt his pants get tighter.
He sighs as he redecorated the dining room. His dancing seemed a tad off and he once again thought about those tight booty shorts on his young master. Alois once admitted to Claude that when he turned 16 he would want to try something most people of age would want to try. Claude was pretty sure he meant sex but Alois had yet to bring up the conversation again.
It had been several months since Alois turned 16 and had occupied himself in his usual unpredictable ways.
It was supper time and Claude had just finished preparing everything just as the clock chimed seven. He was expecting the young master to turn up on time but five minutes passed slowly creeping towards ten. Claude then put it to the back of his head thinking Alois was just getting ready. His curiosity got the better of him and he wandered to the master bedroom.
There was a slight opening of the door, he quietly peeked in though went bright red at the sight. His master was still nude and from what the butler saw his master was playing with himself. Alois moaned as he finished off what he was doing. Claude shook his head, on disbelief one because  he was thinking why on earth he was getting these weird feelings and two why Alois was simply avoiding sex. He watched further as Alois mutters sexual praises.
"Mmm how do you like that?" He pouted in the mirror. He took his hands and slapped his butt cheeks together posing. Claude tried not to react, the last thing he needed was for Alois to know he was there.
The younger male took things further by wetting his finger by putting it in his mouth, Claude by this point was starting to get a nosebleed. Alois curiously looked at himself and takes the finger out his mouth moaning. He then slowly goes to his butt and Claude watches surprisingly as the finger went for his ass.
"Strange" he thought "oh well he's young curious and exploring himself. Still even I didn't expect that"
Alois moans feeling himself off before washing his hands and hurrying to find his clothes. Claude slowly walks away realising the time and stumbles into bathroom feeling himself get hard. He notices in the mirror his usual pale complexion had turned into a red horny mess and his top lip and chin was stained by blood.
He felt confused, though he knew every few years demons would go into heat, but with other Demons (male or female) not a human!
Claude began to pull himself together ready for his master to be ready for supper. He heard the door open, Claude saw Hannah escorting Alois to the dining room. Quickly, he went over to the room to ensure he was there by time master Trancy entered.
Alois walked in while Hannah began to dust the finery in the next room. Claude was wondering if he would even be able to hold himself together at the table. He wished he could do exactly what demons in heat do and just grab Alois and fuck his brains out right on the table. He wouldn't care if he knocked up another demon the sex would have been so worth it. But alas Alois was a human and was unlikely to withstand hardcore demon sex. Though Claude knew he was tough since he'd experienced sexual contact from a very young age and any sexual experience as traumatising as it was meant he could take anything.
"Claude!" Alois exclaimed, his butler snapping back to reality. He sighs thinking what the young man wanted now. "Yes my lord" he replied feeling a trickle coming from his nose.
"Your nose... It's bleeding" Alois pointed out, Claude looks guilty. "What is going on with you today? I haven't seen you about and now you look like you've been turned on by something. Do your kind even get horny?" Alois barked, Claude wasn't all that surprised that Alois knew such phrasing.
Still he was conflicted, would he tell his master he was having erotic feelings about him?
"Ok well I... I saw Hannah getting undressed. Didn't mean to was just passing by" he lies, receiving a filthy look off Hannah. She just gets back to cleaning. Alois looks concerned "Well that would explain a lot. But you just hesitated that means what you said can't have been true. You know it's improper to lie to me I'm your master. I demand an explanation right now!"
Claude sighs he thought just as well he came clean. He didn't want to upset the teenager anymore.
"You really want to know?" Claude asks "Yes! I won't have people lying or keeping secrets here"
Claude gets ready to tell him. It won't be easy but it had to be said. "Bear in mind I have only worked for you in the past two years. Longer that what I thought. So I didn't tell you about demon sexuality"
Alois' eyes widen "Wow I didn't expect to hear that. What brought all this on and what caused you to bleed?"
"Ok master, you see every 5 years our particular species of demon go through what you humans refer to as 'heat' I am at my sexual peek right now and when we are in heat the person we care about the most is the one we desire to release our sexual urges upon" Alois looks bored
"Get to the point Claude!" He says Impatiently. Claude sighs getting close to letting it all out.
"Alright here goes I'm hot for you. You have been on my mind a lot especially now I'm in heat. I think about your tight ass in those booty shorts. The way your ass wiggles when you walk. It wasn't Hannah I accidently saw naked it was you! I'm not interested in Hannah. Not that way at least..." Claude looks in Hannah's direction. She was more shocked at the nature of the conversation to even get offended plus she didn't care for Claude 'that way' either so just gets on with the chores.
"Alright you've said enough demon!" Alois says sternly, Claude was glad to have let that out. Now he was wandering what the young master was going to do next. It didn't look good.
"But even if I wanted you were both male. Though if I position myself I can look like a girl" Alois says surprising the butler. Still he barely keeps himself together "It doesn't matter, what do you think goes on in the demon realm? We are always fucking each other. Whoever you have feelings for or are just horny for is the person you take male or female. It happens a lot there" he says blushing. Though he couldn't reveal too much about the realm to humans even the one he was clearly hot for.
"So you would be interested in me?" Alois says curiously. Suddenly, Claude backs away with the minimal self control he had left.
"But my lord I am your butler, and more so... Demon sex is brutal. It could kill a weak demon never mind a human. Your mind and body have to be in it or it can turn nasty"
"But Claude, Hannah told me about a male demon who had sex with a human female. She survived and they even had a child" Alois explained
"And how did that end up in conversation master?" Claude asked curiously
"Go on my lord it all out in the open anyway"
"I hinted to Hannah that I was falling for a demon. I hope she realised I was hinting you"
Hannah watches the conversation carefully.
"Is this true Hannah?" Claude asks
"I was pretty sure he was on about you I've seen how close you were and I was pretty sure you'd choose Alois while in heat. But it's really none of my business" she said surprisingly unnerved by the improper dinner talk.
"That was a woman and a man, how old was the female?" Claude asked Hannah. "She was 19 when they made love. She got pregnant at 21 when they were both at peak fertility. For a human woman it's about 3-7 days out of the month" Hannah says knowing very little about human reproduction, just enough to justify how the woman could have even gotten pregnant.
"But my lord you are 16 and male"
"I don't care. As you said Demons would fuck anything, what's my age and gender have to do with it?!"
"Ok master I get it, would you really want to have sex with me?" "I didn't say no did I?" Alois says licking his lips. By this time Hannah abandoned the conversation to clean the bathrooms. She didn't want to be a third wheel.
"I'm just concerned you might get hurt..." "Hah going soft are you Faustus? What is it you aren't man enough to take my virgin ass?!" Alois says playfully.
"Come on lord you are teasing me"
"Go on then. I can take it you know I have it in me. Take me it's an order!" Alois says. Everyone had gone by now ever since the talk got this dirty.
"Happy to oblige master shall we take it to the bedroom"
"Yes but first shut up and kiss me right on this table!" Alois orders. Of course Claude knew he couldn't refuse. Not that he wanted to and snogged the face off his master refusing to hold back.
Shake your booty (shorts)
Story for Claude Faustus and Alois trancy as Claude goes into heat and Alois is comming of age and wanting to experiment.

I never thought I'd make a yaoi fic so here goes
Also there will be mpreg just to warn you
Feminist promise

I promise to be part of a group and therefore hold the same opinions as everyone else

I promise that every time there is a disaster or dangerous situation to only focus on the suffering of adult females

I promise to avoid children and marriage as that would make me not a real feminist

I promise that everyone men's issues are raised to either point out women's problems, spout out tired old cliché, laugh and ridicule men saying they are whiny,  completely change the subject or all of the above

I promise that everyone another feminist or group of feminists are called out on their grotesque behaviour to say without hesitation 'they are not real femisits' or 'they don't represent all of us' but don't ever call them on their ability to drag you and your groups name through the mud

I promise to take any kind of credit for the achievents of hard working men and women by saying to men 'a woman gave birth to you' or say to women 'you wouldn't be where you were if it wasn't for feminism' casually ignoring the fact that there were women who made achievements before feminism existed

Women: I promise that when I am pregnant I will have an abortion because if. Have a child I will no longer be a real feminist while ignoring the fact that contraception should have been the first option and would result in far fewer abortions

I promise to despise men, children and the family unit as they get in my way of my 'success'

I promise not to make any attempt to look pretty or attract the opposite sex

Men: I promise to berate my own sex to elevate the status opposite sex and claim women were and are oppressed by the people from my sex

I promise to bring up rape every ten seconds. Also claim that 90 percent of rapes go unreported

I promise to bring up the gender wage gap despite it being proven it exists because of different lifestyle choices men and women make

I promise to claim one in four women will suffer sexual assault or domestic violence without ever mentioning the same situations involving men

I promise to turn a blind eye towards anything negative women do and only focus on the 'good' if that fails constantly make excuses for them, play victim or change the subject

I promise to use emotions, shaming language and/or cry instead of using facts and logic to win an argument

I promise to claim women are being held back from the top jobs because of discrimination than use another form of discrimination to aid 'female discrimination' ie women only short lists in politics to make up numbers. I'm aware it's down to women's choices but refuse to admit affirmative action and women only short lists is discrimination because it implies women are incapable of climbing the ladder on their own and realise its just what far more men choose to do than women

I promise to give housewives a hard time because they have chosen a life that dosent fit our agenda. That in mind I should be for women making choices as it shows women live in a free society where they can choose. But rather than accept that privelage ill say they are being oppressed or letting our side down

I promise to make videos online that are almost identical to eachother because I will spout the same old nonsense everyone has heard before. Then I will have the nerve to ask for funds while uploading videos that at free

I promise I will see catcalling as harassment and a problem for women then moan about how I no longer get the privilege of men 'harassing' me  when my looks start to fade and realise I was an ungrateful bitch.

I promise to get jealous over women who are prettier than me and make lots of money in the glamour industry. I'll be cold enough to try to shut down lap dancing bars and ban men's magazines. Soon many attractive women will be out of work and men won't be objectifying these women who are free to choose this job. Double whammy men and pretty women are screwed

I promise to focus on the misfortunes of developing countries but only focus on the problems women face and ignore men as usual. I will do this because as a citizen of a developed country I can no longer focus on the problems western women face as its getting more difficult

I promise to blame men and patriarchy for all women's problems

I promise to protest by disrupting opposing groups, yell over them, swear, spit, (women) get my tits out and behave in a disgusting manner all in the name of protest

(Men) I promise to be a spineless oaf and pander to everything women say whether its right or not because if I don't I will be 'not a real man' because I'm such a pussy I let words affect me. Ironically I'm behaving exactly like that and grateful I am still standing with such a lack of backbone

I promise to pray to opera Winfrey as she is the queen if all that is feminine. Also god and I will unlikely be the best of friends after all I have done. (Women) No wait its because I am a woman and god is a man and he hates women and supports the patriarchy!!
(Men) ill also pray to opera because hopefully ill get laid though unlikely because despite what women say they don't go for weak losers like me and usually go for bad boys
Feminist promises
This is a little joke at feminists I find the whole thing a joke because they tend to only focus on women's problems while saying they fight for equality. Diane make much sense

So do the feminists have what it takes to become a real feminist haha unlikely as each time one is quoted they all say that person us not a real feminist so it's beating a dead horse on the matter oh well
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
How can I even come close to putting into words how much I love you 
And how much  I am truly blessed to have you in my life 

I love you more than words can say 
I can't promise a lot but I promise to love you no matter what happens in life
When I dream of you  it is nothing but happiness that your life and love brings to me and so elated these dreams are becoming a reality 

I enjoy every waking moment with you even the stuff that seems small and insignificant is a blessing

Its been nearly three years since you came into my life and without knowing it you were the one
And when we decided to date I became the woman I thought had  long gone

 when you presented the ring on stage in front of all of our friends as we made the Marie/Stein shipping  immortal
I already knew what my answer was 
 And saying yes to you was the best decision I have ever made in my life
Saying yes to someone who completes me
my other half is an understatement 

I can't even picture life without you 
You are everything to me and have never been happier to call you my husband
Sentimental words
If you have been following my page then you know what this is when you read it.

Also putting a block on it so people outside of deviantart don't read it
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: boing boing
  • Reading: facebook comments
  • Watching: soul eater
  • Eating: pancakes courtesy of my fiance
  • Drinking: cola
cant wait for my fiancé to come home from work. Ive had a few rough days but feeling way better, I have some ideas for Black Butler since I'll be cosplaying Grell this is Black Butler set in 2014

Kuroshitsuji (sequel idea)

Black Butler is set in 2014 where Sebastian and Grell recall the last 140 years with their two children Eugene and Angela. In the meantime they make several new friends including Actress Lisa Thompson so is engaged to her kind and enthusiastic fiancé.

Angela finds out from Grell Lisa’s troubles and dedicates a song to her after travelling to 2032 to perform a suet with someone from the future who seems to be personal to Lisa.

Eugene explains how he was scheduled to reap the soul of Elizabeth Phantomhive in her old age (in the 1950s) and is able to read her entire life’s memories including her marriage to Ciel, children and grandchildren, her great granddaughter be friends Eugene once she gets over the fact he had to take her soul

also I cant stop thinking of our future, being a mum in the future wont stop us cosplaying just will mean we will be clever with saving money :)
ps Ill so cosplay Grell while preggo along with
*possibly karin
*possibly Patty (Death-) Thompson
*would cosplay kureani but thats a little depressing

so thats my thoughts


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